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Art for Humanity receives UNESCO stamp of approval

Art for Humanity receives UNESCO stamp of approval


Media statement by Jan Jordaan, Director of Art for Humanity

Art for Humanity (AFH), a Human- Rights based arts organisation in partnership with the Durban University of Technology (DUT), has recently received the status of UNESCO Patronage. UNESCO, which stands for The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, offers the patronage as the highest form of support granted by the organisation as a moral endorsement of an exceptional activity.

The endorsement comes in the course of AFH’s new project ‘Dialogue among Civilisations’, which involves a series of collaborative artworks and poetry to be launched in 2010 with the aim to inspire the viewer with ‘moral ownership’, in the context of opposing racism, xenophobia and highlighting the plight of refugees – through art and poetry. The project will involve collaborating artists and poets from African countries and abroad, who will create work based on the values of creativity, freedom of expression, human rights, excellence, dignity, pride, inspiration, reflection, cultural heritage as well as respect for individual rights and independence.

UNESCO believes that the project, which is to be launched before the 2010 World Soccer Cup, is consistent with the organisations principle objective, as it regards the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

Jan Jordaan, Director of Art for Humanity, believes that the patronage strengthens one’s belief in the aims and objectives of one’s work.

“It also recognises the unique role of arts and creativity as a means of dialogue, communication and understanding; and as a medium to promote and inspire ethical values in society.” Jordaan stated.

AFH believes that the patronage significantly adds to international recognition and status of the project, with particular focus on the exhibition and conference to be launched on 21 March 2010.

Although the title is only valid for the exhibition and conference in March 2010 when the project is launched, it is set to extensively strengthen AFH’s work in securing future financial donor support, and inviting further endorsements from Human Rights activists and local and international Human Rights organisations, and enhancing the professionals status of participants in AFH’ work. The logo is set to appear on publications and advocacy material associated with the ‘Dialogue among Civilisations’ project.

The status is also a notable milestone for the DUT, which is regarded as a cultural –driven educational institution. AFH plans to put this achievement to good use by sharing the patronage with DUT, and all who contribute to the work of AFH.

AFH also hopes that the status associated with this patronage will help raise adequate funds for the successful completion of this worthy project.

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