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Couple share in hardship and in joy

Couple share in hardship and in joy

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

“It is really special to share this achievement with my husband, especially since we met on the course. This is something we can both look back on and say we did it. This is also a milestone that we will proudly tell our kids about someday,” comments Tasnim Lockhat on graduating with a BTech degree in Business Administration together with her husband Zaheer Moola.

The couple completed their National Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, and thereafter enrolled for the BTech Degree in Business Administration. They met at DUT and later tied the knot. Lockhat works for the Centre for Skills Development at DUT. Moola is currently employed in the family business managing one of the retail outlets dealing in men’s branded clothing. He would like get into the corporate sector to gain more experience.

Lockhat believes that achieving anything in life one has to work hard and be disciplined, saying that’s definitely no secret. In addition to working hard, she says it really helps to have supportive friends and family. She advises other families to study together, but they must be able to encourage, motivate and assist each other through the learning process. “It was actually quite fun working together. My husband assisted me with certain learning areas, he helped me to focus when I needed to, and contributed his creative energy and ideas towards application-based assignments which we worked on together. Couples/families must also be able to plan and manage their time well so that they can meet their family, work and other commitments” says Lockhat. She says getting a degree with distinctions in numerous subjects, requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Despite not having any children yet, she admits that it was challenging dealing with both family and work matters.

Moola advises that teamwork was the key to their success. He says they were able to achieve their degree because they helped each another. “The acquisition of knowledge is life-long, and it takes many different forms through newspapers, magazines, formal education and even talking to other people. As a couple we feel that education through any form is crucial for our development as human beings. We find ourselves on many occasions discussing a variety of topics that extend beyond our formal education and we learn a lot from each other,” says Moola. He plans to do an MBA in future. He is proud that studying at DUT has given him the knowledge and tools to use at his disposal, efficiently and effectively.

The couple both plan on studying further. They live in Westville North and enjoy outdoor and sporting activities, spending time with their extended families, and ultimately having fun!

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