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Deaf students triumph despite the odds

Deaf students triumph despite the odds

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Being deaf is not an inability for Adhil Ramnath and Zamile Dlamini who will be realizing their dream of qualifying with a National Diploma in Information Technology at the Durban University of Technology in April.

Born in Durban, Adhil attended the V.N. Naik School for the Deaf from preschool up to matric. When he was a baby he contracted German measles, which lead to his becoming Deaf. Zamile on the other hand was born in Escourt and became deaf at the age of eight months after an illness. She attended the Kwa Thinthwa School for the Deaf from preschool up to Grade 8 and then completed the rest of the schooling at the Fulton School for the Deaf.

At the moment both Adhil and Zamile are unemployed and looking for any position in the IT field. They are interested in pursuing careers in either programming or database administration. Adhil and Zamile wishes to study further and at a later stage open their own businesses in the IT field. Both Adhil and Zamile express their appreciation for the support they received at DUT. They are also grateful to DUT for providing them with access to facilities to enable them to attain education. They thank interpreters and the lecturers in the department for motivating, encouraging and helping them to succeed in their endeavors.

Zamile advises young Deaf students to persevere with their studies at school and strive to do well so that they can access college and universities to improve their qualifications. Adhil’s advice is: “Follow your dream. Pursue studies in higher education because this will help improve your quality of life.”

For comment, please contact details:
Adhil Ramnath –
Cell No – 072 212 3466 (sms only)
Zamile Dlamini
Cell No – 072 367 9939 (sms only)

Both are available for interview through an interpreter or sms.