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DUT: Book Launch – Wellspring of Hope

DUT: Book Launch – Wellspring of Hope


The Durban University of Technology in partnership with Adams Campus Bookshop is launching “Wellspring of Hope: The Legacy of a Sports Field”. The book is a pictorial history of Currie’s Fountain over a period of 100 years since the discovery of water in the area in 1879. The photographic overview is complemented by personal memories of ex-residents and veteran activists Phyllis Naidoo, Benny Khoapa, Fatima Meer, Omar Basha and Aziz Hassim.

Authored by Leonard Rosenberg in collaboration with Rafs Mayet, Ishaan Blunden and Veena Partab, the book is not intended to be a definitive history but rather a start for the search for the collective history of this historical space. The book is part of the work of the Heritage Research project termed the ROCS Project – an acronym for the Research Of Currie’s and Surrounds – a heritage project focusing on the research and documentation of the precinct. The books intentions are to jog the memories of all who frequented the area and serve as a reminder of the rich history – not only of Currie’s Fountain, but the surrounding area as a whole.

It is appropriate but also symbolic that the launch will take place in one of the old haunts of that era – the old Scala Cinema, behind the old Scala Mansions, on 6th December 2007 at 5:30- 6pm. Scala Diner is now a modern dining and entertainment facility for DUT students and has incorporated the heritage and memories of the area in its architectural design and expression.

Venue: Scala Diner (Behind Stratford Hall, Mansfield Road, Steve Biko Campus)
Date: 6th December 2007
Time: 5:30- 6pm

For more information or for comment please contact Len Rosenberg on cell 0837772900, (031) 373 2286, e-mail
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