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DUT: Drama twins graduate together

DUT: Drama twins graduate together

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Together forever has always been the name of the game for Peschke twins, Maryl and Marcia, who have been in one class from primary school until their final year of study at university.

The Peschke twins will be reaping the fruits of their good work when they graduate with a National Diploma in Drama studies at the Durban University of Technology on 19 June 2008. Since they set foot on campus they have excelled in their Drama studies achieving 37 distinctions from thier first year level to the final year of study. They fondly recall classmates calling them ‘M and M’ for Maryl and Marcia during their school days.

They were born in Port Elizabeth and came to live in KwaZulu-Natal, La-Mercy near uMdloti, north of Durban when they were three years old. They are passionate about pursuing success stories of art. They dispel the perception that science is the only way to success.

Maryl is doing freelance work for Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest. She is involved with lighting for theatre after accompanying her friend who does lighting on several occasions. She has now developed interest in this field and she wants to learn more about lighting techniques. She also wants to follow her interests in sporting and dressing. Her big dream is to go overseas to pursue her interests in drama in the next two years. She says she chose drama to prove wrong people who think drama is for those who are not intelligent enough. She acknowledges that a small percent of drama graduates make it big in industry. “It’s a wake-up call for me,” says Maryl. She is a big fan of film, music and dance. She is keen on playing musical drums and acoustic guitar. Being a fan of house music she believes that music is an important tool through which people can express themselves.

Marcia is currently a freelance writer for Love Life Magazine. She is thrilled that she has been given her first assignment to chase a story on an artist who produces cutting edge art work. She is currently viewing samples of work produced by different artists. She has a dream of writing and directing films. She aspires to be a successful film director who understands people and the way they do things. She strongly believes she was born an artist as she has always been interested in visual art, film and theatre. She is confident that on exploring this adventure she “can take people from this world into other world” through her love for art. “I did drama not because I could not be accepted into other fields, but because we love it.” She is proud of having wisely taken advantage of the opportunity to study at the University that her parents have provided her. “We are privileged to study at the University and we have invested our emotions in it,” says Marcia. Marcia is a big fan of rock and hip hop music, heavy metal and she wishes to be a musician some day. She loves things artistic like paintings and drawings.

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