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DUT: Emma Smith Art Scholarship Award Winner Announced

DUT: Emma Smith Art Scholarship Award Winner Announced


The Durban University of Technology is proud to announce the Emma Smith Scholarship Award winner for the year 2007: Tamlyn Young, a Fine Art BTech student. The scholarship was founded in 1920 by Hon C.G Smith in the memory of his mother who passed on. Originally the objective of the scholarship was to provide a sum of money annually to assist the leaner financially in order to study overseas.

A deserving candidate, Tamlyn’s work is interesting, diverse and shows that she had prepared for it, but mostly she is a promising, passionate and creative candidate. Tamlyn’s work of fine art is a must see and she will in future endeavors elevate the standards of art in this country. She has shown maturity and a broader understanding of her work within the industry. Her work although dealing with one concept, shows diversity in the way it is articulated.

Tamlyn’s work is an exploration of the physical and spiritual relationship between the body and its surroundings. Her work can be defined as the ritualistic collection and documentation of objects, routes and routines that comprise daily existence.

Tamlyn is planning to use the funds to further her studies in Belgium. She has been short listed for a post-graduate program in art media and design. The course costs 1554 euro per year (it runs for two years full time). The Emma Smith Scholarship would assist her to fund the first year of her studies. This is without a doubt the most constructive step she can take in her career as a visual art.

Images of her work are available on request from Raylene.

For more information please contact the gallery curator, Nontobeko Ntombela on (031) 373 2207 or email: Nontobeko@dut.ac.za

Issued by Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer
Communications Manager
The Durban University of Technology