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DUT: Fashion Design Exhibition

DUT: Fashion Design Exhibition


Media statement by Ms Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer, Acting Executive Director: Corporate Affairs

The exhibition is to be held at the Corner Cafe, Brand Road in Glenwood.
Date: Wednesday 9th April – 16 April 2008
Opening: 9th April- 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Young Fashion Designers will exhibit their best creative dresses as part of their study project at an exhibition to be held at the Corner Cafe in Brand Road, Glenwood, on 9th to 16th April 2008, starting from 6h30 to 8h30 pm.

This started off as a class project for first year students doing fashion design at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). It was commissioned by Lee Scott. Scott teaches Two and Three Dimensional Design to the first year fashion students on City campus. This is essentially basic printing technologies, the creation of various assessories and other fashion design related constructions.

Scott was impressed with the results of the project and later decided to find a place to exhibit the best pieces in 2008. “It makes a good show case for these very young designers- it shows their drive, creativity and passion and is also an institutional recognition of their worth. I aim to make this a yearly event because of the success of this project,” says Scott.

As a final project at the end of 2007 she created a brief where students were to create dresses depicting the 50’s and incorporating the various technologies learnt during the year. The theme was ‘Magic and Logic’ and the beauty of the brief was the lack of certain constraints. The students were given a basic block(pattern) to work from for two weeks. She says working within two weeks with minimal restriction on pattern technology or sewing/garment construction, allowed them to really explode creatively. This helped them find out how to develop the patterns beyond the tuition of the first year course. They essentially maxed out and it allowed for deeper learning through playfulness.

For more information contact Lee Scott on 031 3733750 .