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DUT Management and SRC Proposed Resolutions

DUT Management and SRC Proposed Resolutions


Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi: Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications

In the successful meeting between the SRC and Management on Thursday 07 February the SRC raised the following issues:

1. Outstanding Fees

2. Accommodation

3. Transport


Outstanding Fees

Management does not have the authority nor a mandate to approve a blanket roll overs. An agreement was reached that all students that owe and have been academically successful and not able to pay for one reason or the other will be looked at. This includes NSFAS and self paying students.

The VC has committed to seeking a special meeting with Council or EXCO of Council to deal with those students that fall outside of this category.


Our residences are not fully occupied. There are returning students that have been provisionally allocated space in the residences but have not taken that space as they have not registered and cannot do so as they owe fees. Once this process (assisting students with outstanding fees) is concluded, the university will know if we are short of accommodation. As Council took a decision not to outsource further residences, a proposal will be discussed at the Council special meeting should we need more residences.

The Maintenance Plan that is in place will be sped up. A critical path is being drawn up on this issue.


The busses that are used to transport students from residences to campus, and campus to campus were inspected to evaluate the condition of the busses. Four busses were inspected and found to be in good condition. DUT will conduct further inspections on all the busses that are used to ensure that they are safe to carry our students. The bus company is providing DUT with roadworthy certificates.

If the busses are not in good condition, DUT will terminate the contract with the Service Provider.

The academic programme and registration will resume on Monday 11 February 2008. The late registration fee will be waived until Friday 29 February 2008.

Management is committed to making up the time lost during the past week.

Issued by Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer