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DUT Students Jetting off to America on Scholarships

DUT Students Jetting off to America on Scholarships

Media statement by Alan Khan, Senior Director: Corporate Affairs at the Durban University of Technology

Four Durban University of Technology students from the Department of Tourism and Hospitality have been awarded scholarships by the United States Embassy to spend a year of study in the USA as part of the Community College Initiative Programme (CCIP).

Ayanda Tsibela and Simphiwe Dube, both third-year students in the Tourism Programme as well as Demisha Moodley and Evashini Munsami, who are second-year students in the Hospitality Programme, will leave at different times this month and will return to South Africa in August 2013.

The students will each study at four separate universities in the USA where they will represent DUT, while also acquiring knowledge in their respective fields. The department’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) supervising tutor, Jaya Naidoo said, “They are going to a first world country with minimum knowledge and I hope they come back with the knowledge they have learnt and empower other students.”

He said the relationship between the DUT department and the overseas colleges happened over a mere period of three years but it has proved to be very popular among students. Naidoo also paid tribute to the International Education and Partnerships Office’s Dr Lavern Samuels and Indrani Naidoo for their role in securing this scholarship.

Dr Erasmus Mnguni, the Head of the Hospitality and Tourism Department, said while this overseas scholarship programme is an exciting journey for the students, it also “puts the University on the map and if our students behave well, good relationships (with the USA colleges) will be sustained.”

The students, who are all elated about their journey, have different expectations. Tsibela admitted that although she fears being in a foreign country, she is ready to see what the USA has to offer. Humbled by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Moodley thanked Naidoo for his unending support. Both Munsami and Dube said they are thrilled that they will get to explore a different world, adding that they look forward to sharing their culture whilst learning about others.

A picture is available on request.

For more information or comment, kindly contact Jaya Naidoo on 031 373 5510/083 287 7623.

The students’ contact details are as follows:
Ayanda Tsibela: 078 5823419 (Leaves on Monday August 6).
Simphiwe Dube: 079 040 5797 (Leaves on Monday August 6).
Demisha Moodley: 079 766 1487 (Kindly note that she has left the country).
Evashini Munsami: 071 385 4066 (Leaves in the middle of August).

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