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DUT: Students making a difference through design

DUT: Students making a difference through design


Media statement by Michelle Hankinson – Lecturer (Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design)

Twenty five Interior Design Students at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) designed and individually manufactured energy efficient lighting designs as part of their first Product design project of 2008. The completed prototype models will be exhibited.

The opening of the Lighting exhibition will take place at 6pm in the Gallery, Steve Biko Campus on Monday 21 April. The exhibition will run for a week.

The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate the successful completion of the third year’s first project. The students’ lighting design project is aimed at promoting awareness of energy efficiency in South Africa and how effective design can contribute towards the beginning of a solution.

Students were briefed to align their project with the 2008 Eskom Energy efficient lighting design competition which took place earlier this year. Students were allowed to choose various materials from which to make their designs. They were encouraged to integrate the ‘three R’s theory’ where possible, which is ‘recycle, reduce and reuse’. Many of the designs were consequently made from waste that would otherwise have been disregarded.

The majority of the students’ work was handcrafted, as apposed to being manufactured using machinery. The rationale being that the crafted aesthetic would minimise energy consumption and the prototype could be reproduced by crafts people, empowering what may otherwise be unemployed labour.

The designs were charismatic and impressive. Great innovation of materials was used, and the execution of manufacture was of a professional standard. Students and staff are equally pleased.

The exhibition hopes to showcase the high caliber of student’s work, which the Department believes affirms the vast scope of possibility using LED and CFL lamps in the design of luminaries.

The use of LED or CFL lamps was part of the criteria for the Eskom Energy efficient lighting design project, as both dramatically reduce energy consumption.

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