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DUT to host a lecture on OPEN ACCESS during Open Access Week

DUT to host a lecture on OPEN ACCESS during Open Access Week

Durban University of Technology will host the Open Access College Lecture Programme during the Open Access Week: 18-24 October.

2010 theme: LEARN. SHARE. ADVANCE.

Guest speaker: Ms Eve Gray
Leading advocate for Open Access in South Africa

TITLE: The public mission of a South African University of Technology: Open Access as a route to advancement, learning, sharing

Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Venue: Hotel School Conference Centre, the Durban University of Technology’s Ritson Rd Campus
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

RSVP essential. Contact Sagren on 031 373 5140, or email: for more information.

Eve Gray’s Open Access Week address at DUT will explore the solutions that open access communication and publication might offer in this complex and dynamic situation. The talk will provide an introduction to open access, open education resources and open content, how they have developed and what advantages they could offer DUT and its academics and students. Creative Commons copyright models and their implementation will be explained. The talk will draw on local and international examples of open access, open data and open innovation that might be of relevance to DUT, for research publication, teaching and learning and the achievement of socio-economic impact.

Eve Gray is an Honorary Research Associate in the Centre for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town and also works in collaboration with the IPR Policy Research Unit at UCT. With a background in academic publishing, she brings to her research into Open Access and Access to Knowledge an awareness of the value of the professional skills that publishers offer and their understanding of the strategic importance of effective dissemination. Eve perceives particular potential for the use of digital media use and open access publication in transcending the limitations addressing the knowledge and access barriers that face HE institutions in the developing world.

In 2006/7 Eve was an International Policy Fellow of the Open Society Institute, Budapest, in the Open Information Working Group. She works in a number of projects relating to access to and participation in the communication and publication of African research. She is a regular speaker in local and international conferences and workshops and in 2009 was recognised by UNESCO as an international expert in Open Access.