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Hard Work Is Sumaiya’s Key To Success

Hard Work Is Sumaiya’s Key To Success


Media Statement by Alan Khan, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at the Durban University of Technology

Her analytical mind, as well as her aptitude for Mathematics and Science drove Sumaiya Latiff to pursue a career in Industrial Engineering, achieving a total of 23 distinctions throughout her course at the Durban University of Technology.

Latiff is the first in her family to study and qualify as an engineer. She began her studies in Industrial Engineering in 2010, completing her Diploma in 2012. Last year (2013), she enrolled for a BTech degree and upon completion, received 8 distinctions which will see her graduating cum laude on11 April 2014 at 18h00, during DUT’s graduation ceremony.

The dynamic go-getter, who decided on the male-dominated course, said it was a challenging decision to embark on such a career. “Selecting this course was not an easy feat during the transitional phase that follows matric but with my affinity for striving for success and my inclination towards a mindset of progressive improvement, it seemed an ideal route to follow. I think Industrial Engineering is the most well-rounded of all the engineering disciplines, as it deals with process improvement and optimization, encompassing many aspects. Therefore, its wide scope is seldom ever the same, thereby keeping you constantly motivated,” she added.

In terms of pursuing her ‘dream job,’ Latiff is focusing on one day becoming the CEO of a reputable firm. Highlighting one of her memorable moments at DUT, she said this was when she was required to work on creating a Formula 1 race car as part of a project.

“As part of the subject criterion for Work-study III, we had to work as a group to design and create a Formula 1 race car on a 3D printer. We then used the cars in a race to test its performance and gained first position. It was definitely an exhilarating experience,” she said.

Latiff advises first-year Industrial Engineering students, particularly females, to work hard and to “be smart”. “The first year of study is difficult to get used to as it differs vastly from high school, both in workload and atmosphere. The trick is to remain calm and focused because hard work, in the true sense of the term, definitely does pay off! Also associate yourself with the right company in order to stay motivated,” she said.

After graduation, Sumaiya plans to work “at a reputable and well established company” and pursue her MTech in Industrial Engineering.

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