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Inaugural lecture by Prof Tabakov – media invitation

Inaugural lecture by Prof Tabakov – media invitation


Durban University of Technology (DUT) will host its 1st inaugural lecture series 2009.

Date: 28 October 2009
Time: 11:30 am
Venue: Conference Centre, Hotel School, Ritson Campus
The guest speaker is Prof Pavel Yaroslavovich Tabakov from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at DUT.

Prof Pavel Yaroslavovich Tabakov is Civil Engineer by profession. He has been an Associate Professor since 2004.
He awarded a full Professorship in April 2009. He lectures in Applied Strength of Materials III and Strength of Materials IV (BTech)
in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at DUT. He is engaged in various other research projects.

Prof Tabakov’s research interest is on structural analysis and optimal design of engineering structures:

– Development of an exact analytical solution and optimal design of thick laminated anisotropic pressure vessels.

– Design of engineering structures accounting for manufacturing tolerances.

– Strength optimisation of fibre steering in composite laminates.

– Development of a three-dimensional theory for the analysis of the stress-strain state of laminated orthotropic
plates of any thickness and asymmetrical stacking of layers.

He also conducts research on artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery:

– Development of new technique for clustering and data classification in complex multidimensional databases.

– Development of the algorithm involving the forest of decision trees for the prediction of fuel consumption in trucks in surface mining.

– Introduced a new approach for solving a real-world three-stage two-dimensional bin packing problem.

Please note RSVP cards must be e-mailed to:

For more information please contact the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 031 373 2108.