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Invite for Public Lecture on ‘Universalisation as a physical guiding principle’

Invite for Public Lecture on ‘Universalisation as a physical guiding principle’


The Durban University of Technology community is invited to a Public Lecture on Universalisation as a physical guiding principle by Professor Naresh Dadhich.

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, 9 September 2015, at the DUT Hotel School Conference Centre, DUT Ritson Campus, from 18h00.

Professor Dadhich was born in the small village in Churu District of Rajasthan, India, where he studied Vallabh Vidyanagar and Pune and did his PhD at Pune University, India, in 1971.

Professor Dadhich has served as Director at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). He is now an Emeritus Professor at IUCAA. An Emeritus Professor is a professor who has retired but whose knowledge is still being vastly used because of their successes.

Prof Dadhich has published over 100 papers in international front rank journals collaborating with various students and colleagues. He has been nominated Honorary Research Professor by the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu Natal). He has been elected to the Council of the International Relativity Society and has been President for the Indian Relativity Society. His research interests are gravitation, black holes and energy extraction, gravity in higher dimensions, brane world black hole and gravitation.

Abstract of the lecture

Mechanics should apply to everything that moves; it is universal. Similarly, gravity is also universal, it should affect everything that physically exists. Light is also a physical entity like everything else and hence, it should be included in both mechanics and gravity.The former would lead to special relativity and quantum mechanics while the latter to Einstein’s theory of gravitation: general relativity. The lecture would be entirely built on common sense arguments with almost no mathematics.

The details of the lecture are as follows:

Time: 18h00
Date: Wednesday, 9 September 2015
Venue: DUT Hotel School Conference Centre, Ritson Campus.
RSVP: No later than Tuesday, 8 September at 15h00.

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