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Japanese Embassy endorses Art for Humanity initiative

Japanese Embassy endorses Art for Humanity initiative

Media statement by Jan Jordaan, Director of Art for Humanity

Mr. Hiroyuki Togawa, a cultural attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Pretoria, recently visited Art for Humanity (AFH), located on City Campus of the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

Mr. Togawa, who is the second-secretary of the Embassy of Japan, visited the Human-Rights organisation to deliver his endorsement to the ‘Dialogue among Civilisations’ project campaign.

Jan Jordaan, Director of AFH met with the ambassador to discuss provision of an artist and poet representing Japan in the project, as well as a potential partnership between the embassy and AFH.

Jordaan, who fervently acknowledged the impact of Japanese woodcut- art in inspiring the modern Impressionism style, anticipated the participation of a Japanese printmaker in the project.

Mr Togawa believed that the Embassy could potentially aid the development of the AFH project, as documented with the recent South Africa-Japan Partnership Forum held in Tokyo, Japan. The forum, which was held in January 2009, aspired to advance North-South relations between the two countries.

Mr Togawa expressed the interest of the Japanese Embassy in promoting local cultural and investment opportunities in the build up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Akiko Nakaji, of Dromedary Design, and an associate of AFH, who facilitated the visit, expressed her excitement of the support of the Embassy.

“It is going to be a great help to encourage not only other Japanese organizations but also other embassies to support our project.”

AFH anticipates that the endorsement of this reputable body will add value in approaching potential endorsers and funders. AFH also hopes the ‘Dialogue among Civilisations’ portfolio will be exhibited in many highly-acclaimed art galleries in Japan and across East-Asia.

For more information, contact Bhekani Dlamini 031 373 2845 to facilitate the interview.