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Port Shepstone Book Launch of Salt Water Runs in My Veins

Port Shepstone Book Launch of Salt Water Runs in My Veins

Author: Prithiraj Dullay
Date: 17 September 2010
Time: 5.30pm for 6pm
Venue: Port Shepstone Civic Centre


Salt Water Runs in My Veins is a compendium of 21 short stories that extend over 100 years; it also encapsulates Dullay’s life whilst growing up on the South Coast. The fascinating tale is part autobiographical providing insight into his life altering experiences in his youth, his growing political consciousness as a student and his activism as an educator in Port Shepstone. The book also details his overt and covert activism during the struggle.

The stories also shed light on Dullay’s life in exile from 1978 – 1992, its impact on his family and their growing consciousness. The book further highlights how the Danish anti-apartheid movement and the various international forces influenced their lives and thinking. Salt Water Runs in My Veins further deals with the complexities of the Dullay family’s return to South Africa, a land from which they were forced to leave. The book also includes a compilation of the 28 columns written for the print media from 2007 to 2010, with a series of controversial articles that critically examine post 1994 developments, the joys, celebrations and the problems that require the forceful intervention of civil society.

The author describes the collection as a “human story that tells of our insecurities, searches, deep fears, celebrations and discovering that our truth was not the only truth, that there are more ways of seeing beyond just the limits of our socialisation. It is also the celebration of the oneness of all humanity. I believe that my memory is a honed weapon, thrust against the heart of sanitization. My memory is an affirmation of who I am. It is a weapon of liberation, of empowerment”.

Dullay’s views may not be palatable to everyone but his concerns are legitimate, representing the concerns of millions of people who are disillusioned and feel sense of betrayal. Due to public demand, Salt Water Runs in My Veins is in its second print and is available at Clarkes Books in Cape Town, Exclusive Books at Westwood Mall, and Adams Books on Dr Pixley KaSeme Street, Musgrave Centre and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Reviewer’s comments:

“Reading this book is indeed a riveting experience. This is a book all South Africans must read”
Ela Gandhi, DUT Chancellor

Salt Water Runs in My Veins is the story of one man – a consummate patriot, who believed in the inviolable right to freedom for all; who believed in it enough to lay down his life of security and comfort. It is also a story that freedom is not a destination, a stasis reached, but an on-going journey”

Dr Betty Govinden, writer and literary critic.

“Prithiraj Dullay has been an activist since the 1960s and has a passionate commitment to a free South Africa. He continues to influence our thinking on a range of national issues and is an important voice of conscience in our fledgling democracy”

Aziz Hassim, author of The Lotus People and The Revenge of Kali.

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