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Somatology graduate to receive Deans Merit Award

Somatology graduate to receive Deans Merit Award

Aspirant Somatologist, Mohini Govender from Venus Lane in Chatsworth, has successfully completed her National Diploma in Somatology and will receive the Dean’s Merit Award for outstanding performance. She is one of a number of other students who will be recognized for their exceptional work in their respective fields during the April 2011 graduation ceremonies at Durban University of Technology..

Somatology focuses on aesthetic and physiological improvements, has become largely popular in recent years. It includes the study of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biotics, cosmetic applications, hair removal treatments and soma techniques to improve the cleansing, hydration and maintenance of balance ph levels of the skin.

Govender said she is pleased with her academic performance and is contemplating embarking on a business venture. She said: “I am very happy and excited and to me this is a milestone in my life for receiving the Dean’s Merit Award. I am passionate about my field and am contemplating opening my own spa. I achieved all my goals through hard work, dedication and a lot of sacrifice and commitment. I also received full support from my parents and my sister.”

Govender is business minded and a strategist. She is very keen to establish her own business with the assistance of two staff members, but is concerned with the current economic strains. She said she will monitor and evaluate the income and expenditure of her venture to see if it is financially viable.

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