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Student makes earrings using beer bottle caps

Student makes earrings using beer bottle caps

Media statement by Nomonde Mbadi, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Final year Jewellery Design student, Dennis Gebashe is collecting recycled beer bottle caps to make earrings which he sells to students and staff at the Durban University of Technology. This is part of his final year project on “found objects”.

Gebashe, from P-Section in uMlazi, says he believes the project has taught him to be a responsible citizen by recycling litter and converting it into cash. He uses this money to pay for his residence expenses and to buy more material that he needs to make jewellery.

He uses a range of different brands of beer bottle caps like Carling black label, Heineken and Hansa Pilsener. Depending on your favorite brand, the choice is wide as the earrings are beautiful. Apart from earrings he makes other non-jeweler gifts like toy cars and a variety of other gifts.

Gebashe has been offered jobs by two top jewelers in Durban. . He still has to decide which one he joins. He is ready to rock the jewellery industry as a manufacturer of precious jewellery. Though he has job offers he is still going to continue making jewellery from “found objects” on a part-time basis.

He already has plans in place to negotiate with South African Breweries (SAB) to use his bottle cap earrings as corporate gifts.

He advises the youth should to be creative and use everything available to make beautiful things that can generate cash.

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