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Sweet Taste of Victory After A Five Year Wait

Sweet Taste of Victory After A Five Year Wait

For five years, she desperately tried to get into university. Despite several negative replies from universities, she persisted with her dream. Finally, she got good news from Durban University of Technology.

On Wednesday 18 April 2012, an elated Nomalungelo Ngcobo, 26, will savour the sweet fruits of her perseverance, determination and hard work when she graduates Cum Laude, earning the Dean’s Merit Award, when she receives her National Diploma in Library and Information Studies at DUT’s Steve Biko Campus.
“I’m very happy (about the Dean’s Merit Award and graduating Cum Laude). Many of us worked hard throughout the duration of our studies at DUT, I didn’t expect to graduate with such high honours,” she said.

Ngcobo, who comes from Elandskop in Pietermaritzburg, finished her matric in the year 2004 at Langalakhe High School in the Midlands.

“My main challenge was getting into university, that’s why I gave it my all when I was accepted. For five years, I struggled to get into university. I applied to universities each and every year and the responses I received were all disappointing,” she said.

Ngcobo spent the entire five years at home and did not work. In 2007, she went back to school and upgraded her Maths, Business Economics and Biology. While she managed to get good marks on the other two subjects, she was still not satisfied with her Maths mark. She was finally accepted at DUT and enrolled for her first year in 2009.

“Apart from one module, I managed to get a distinction on all the others,” she said.

Ngcobo described herself as an introvert, saying she is not a social butterfly. “I used to get bored at res and I often spent my spare time studying,” she said.

Ngcobo said her field (Library and Information Studies) is often frowned upon, adding that one of her future plans is to promote her profession. “I plan to give it my all. I want to grow in the field. My advice to other students is to never give up. If you’ve ever been told not to buckle in the face of adversity, they were talking about situations like mine. If you face obstacles, just know that your time is coming. Never tell yourself that you are a bad person or that you’re unworthy, keep trying until you get what you want. Don’t try for a year and give, give it your all every year,” she said.

Ngcobo plans to pursue a Btech in Library Information Studies at DUT in the near future.

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