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The City Campus shutdown

The City Campus shutdown

To: Staff and Students – City Campus
From: Prof G.D.J. Stewart – Acting Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts and Design
Date: 28 July 2010
Subject: Communiqué to City Campus Staff and Students

The City Campus shutdown is drawing to a close, and we look forward to resuming our second semester on 1 September as planned. The weather has fortunately been kind to us while the upper floors of the campus were open to the skies, and the contractors have done a remarkable job by completing an extensive reconstruction project in such a short time.

With new ceilings, air-conditioning, networking and sanded floors, the learning environment at City Campus has been significantly upgraded. The new roof will ensure that the continual leaks and water damage that have plagued us over previous years will now be a thing of the past, and result in a brighter, more functional and safer place to roll out 21st century training in the creative industries. Every possible measure has been taken to eliminate the long-standing pigeon infestation. Our award-winning programmes will be able to flourish as a result of the improved infrastructure. As the scaffolding comes down over the next couple of weeks, the spruced up building will be revealed in its newly-restored splendour and bring back to the city of Durban the distinctive architectural grace that has characterised this historic building for a hundred years.

The Faculty Office will start its move back to the City Campus from its present temporary location during the last week in August, and will be fully open for business on 1 September. We anticipate that the frustrations and inconvenience of having the hub of our Faculty operations in provisional premises will at last be over, and we will resume our friendly and responsive service to staff and students alike.

Heads of Department at City Campus will be in touch with staff and students regarding commencement arrangements for the beginning of the new term. Examination and assignment portfolio dates for City Campus-based programmes have all been scheduled late in November and December to accommodate the later start of term, so students will have the time to get the most out of the newly upgraded classrooms and laboratories.

Yours sincerely

Prof Graham D.J. Stewart