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Professor Ajay Mishra has been shortlisted as a finalist of the 2022/23 National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF)-South32 Awards.

Prof Mishra is a finalist for the TW Kambule-NSTF Award: Researcher. This award recognises researchers through their research and its outputs by an individual up to 15 years of research work from the commencement of the research career, predominantly in South Africa).

His second  finalist award is for Water Research Commission Award where researchers are recognised for their work towards achieving sustainable water management, knowledge generation and solutions with demonstrated leadership and impact; by an individual or an organisation over the last 5 to 10 years.

The shortlist finalist announcement was made by Mr Denis Hunt, Chairperson: NSTF Awards Adjudication Panel.

“A finalist, by our definition is a nominee who, in the opinion of the adjudication panel, is considered eligible for the award. This means that the nominee has made a significantly outstanding contribution to science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation in South Africa and qualifies to be considered as a potential winner. I am pleased to inform you (Prof Jay Mishra), that you have been short-listed as a finalist in the category/ies: NSTF-Water Research Commission (WRC) Award and TW Kambule-NSTF Award: Researcher. I wish to congratulate you and your organisation on your nomination for this prestigious award,” said Mr Hunt.

NSTF was established in 1998 and is a one of the prestigious awards that recognises individuals/groups who have made an outstanding contribution to the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) fields.  It is also known as ‘Science Oscars’ of the South African SET system.  This prestigious event is organised annually in partnership with South32 and along with many co-partners. The 25th annual Awards Gala Event taking place on 13 July 2023.

Prof Mishra was over the moon upon hearing the news.

“My understanding on NSTF is very deep as I have represented myself before. It is one of the science hubs one needs to represent with full pride. I am glad I have been nominated by DUT and hopefully will keep the DUT flag on high note. One must always feel  proud to be part of the NSTF award,” he said.

When asked if he was confident with coming home with the award, Prof Mishra said he was more than confident to represent DUT and his pride will be higher once he wins the award.

“It is always a prestige to win such a big scientific award,” he confessed.

He also added proudly that Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Engagement:  Professor Keolebogile Motaung had nominated him based on his excellent academic performance over the years and he personally feels thrilled and privileged for being nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the NSTF award 2023.

Prof Mishra had joined DUT in particular the Department of Chemistry in August 2022 and found the institution highly supportive and maintaining high professionalism.

“I am glad to be part of the DUT team,” he said. In terms of preparing for the awards, Prof Mishra said that there is no preparation as once one has been nominated it is left to the jury members to decide.

“However, I have been invited by NSTF team to popularise on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I provided my details and I am happy to promote the same,” he said.

Besides him being shortlisted as a finalist for the NSTF Award. Prof Mishra has won several national and international awards.

They include:

  • Top 2% most cited scientist globally, Stanford University, USA, 2019-2022.
  • Outstanding Researchers Awards 2021 in Nanotechnology by Stair Awards, UK, 2021.
  • Outstanding Scientist Awards 2021, International Scientist Award on Engineering, Science and Medicine, VDGOOD, India, 2021.
  • Certificate of Recognition as “Top 50 Thought Leaders in Higher Education for the year 2020” by Academy of ULektz, India, 2020.
  • Chancellor Prize winner: University of South Africa, South Africa, 2020.
  • Winner of UNISA’s Excellence Research Award, 2018.
  • Special recognition from “Global Chemistry conference 2017” at London, UK.
  • Winner of “Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman 2014” at House of Lords, Westminster, UK, 2014.
  • Winner of “HIND RATAN AWARD 2014” at Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, India, 2014.
  • Winner of AML Medal 2011 during “ICNANO 2011” Delhi, India, 2011.
  • Winner of IAAM Scientist Award for the year 2011 during “AM2011” Jinan, China, 2011.
  • Winner of Acharya Vinova International (AVI) Award 2009 from Vinova Bhave Research Institute (VBRI), India, 2009.

“It is worth mentioning that as scientist and active researcher one must do your best. All your credentials will be acclaimed and will be recognised one day. NSTF is more privileged and would like to represent DUT in Science and Technology anywhere wherever there is an opportunity. I wish to thank DUT management and DUT internal media managers of believing in me and supporting throughout,” he said ecstatically.

Also commenting on his outstanding shortlisting as a finalist  in the NSTF Awards was Prof Motaung, who expressed how proud she is of Prof Mishra and that his shortlisting as a finalist talks to DUT’s ENVISION2030 strategic objectives that highlights that DUT people will be creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and adaptive to the changes of the world.

Pictured: Professor Ajay Kumar Mishra

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