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Quick Fire Questions on Student Accommodation

Quick Fire Questions on Student Accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation as a student is just as important as choosing the right course of study. The process can prove very difficult unless armed with the right information to guide you.

To help our students navigate through these sometimes treacherous waters, DUT has put together a “how to” piece that will assist students in finding accommodation at one of our student residences.

For the year 2012, DUT received 4 315 applications for student accommodation via SMS and online. This exceeds our maximum capacity of 4014, with 900 beds set aside for first year students, for 2012. As of January 11, DUT received 234 applicants. Seven hundred and sixteen (716) beds are still available however for first years. To deal with the influx of applications from exceeding our capacity, DUT has embarked on the leasing of residence and is planning to build new residences.

Quick Fire Questions on Student Accommodation

1. How do I apply for student residence at DUT?

Via SMS or online system. New students will receive forms via the Admissions department which accompanies the offer or by requesting it from the Department.

2. Who qualifies for student residence?

Students residing outside a 50 km radius of the eThekwini Municipality. Full Time academically registered with 3 or more Subjects.

3. When and where do I apply and register for student residence?

You can apply online at computer labs in October the previous year or via SMS.

4. What documents do I need to bring when applying for student residence?

A letter of acceptance from the department together with any proof of residence and your ID.

5. How much will I pay while staying at student residence and how can I pay?

Residence fees vary at different residences. An initial deposit is payable and students have to pay for their first semester fees by 30 June of that year.

6. Can I choose the student residence I prefer to stay in?

Choices are made but due to limited space we are unable to adhere to every request.

7. I have changed my mind about living at student residence and have already made a payment to the university. Will I get a refund and will I be penalized?

There is a deadline date for first time applicants to inform us and a full refund will be given. Students who have taken occupation will be given a refund once we have found a replacement.

8. Where do I apply and register for student residence?

Online at computer labs via SMS. Registration for residence is done at the Fred Crookes Sport Centre.

9. Will there be certain times of the year when I need to vacate my room and student residence?

Yes. During the June/July vacations and December/January vacations.

10. What are the contact details for DUT Student Housing?

Gate no 5, Steve Biko Road. Tel: 031 373 2492/4/2185/2217

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