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The Research and Postgraduate Support Directorate primarily focuses on managing the university’s research activities and supporting the academic and research staff through research management and development systems, organizing research capacity building initiatives, providing research support and incentive structures to stimulate researchers and strategic inputs which in turn ensure the university meets the Department of Higher Education and Training (DoHET) targets.

The division enhances the universities profile by facilitating the development and implementation of strategic research and postgraduate support policies that stimulate sustainable growth and increase the research base.
The RPS functions include strategic support in the following:

  1. Acquisition of external and internal grants for both staff and postgraduate students.
  2. Regular monitoring and development of appropriate incentive and research awards for researchers.
  3. Collection of research institutional data, analyzing it and preparing reports for monitoring, planning and submission to relevant statutory funding bodies like DoHET.
  4. Focused research development programmes for researchers and postgraduate students.
  5. Career development planning for emerging researchers in collaboration with the established researchers.
  6. Convene and initiate public lecture series at the university related to research in identified focus areas in consultation with relevant focus area leaders and faculty staff.
  7. Raise awareness and run appropriate research capacity development programmes for both Postgraduate students and staff.