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Durban University of Technology student, Enzokuhle Sabela, graced two national TV news shows, a national radio interview, and a local radio engagement following the publication of a piece he penned for the Mail and Guardian recently.

Sabela, a final-year Bachelor of Journalism student, penned the piece titled: Voter education should be included in the school curriculum, published on February 21. In the article, Sabela argues that the Independent Electoral Commission and the Department of Basic Education have a critical responsibility to teach about active citizenship in a democracy and the importance of fulfil the civic duty of participating in elections. The hope for a better South Africa urged him to express his ideas.

“I wanted to inspire the next generation of South African voters in order to create knowledgeable and competent voters who will grow South Africa’s democracy from strength to strength,

“I encourage young people to participate in our democracy, in as many ways as they can. Actively participating in our democracy is the best way to improve your community, your country, and the world as a whole,” said Sabela.

While no stranger in penning opinion pieces, Sabela said working on the article that attracted him the TV and radio airtime was a lot more challenging compared to the first one he published last year.

“Working on this piece forced me to learn a lot about myself as a writer, learning to be a lot more direct and finding my sweet spot, building my brand as a writer,” he explained.

In one of the interviews he had, Sabela had his role model TV journalist Xoli Mngambi of Newzroom Afrika who complimented him for his critical thinking, eloquence, and awareness. At the close of the interview, Mngambi jokingly said it was clear he would soon be without a job as Sabela demonstrated great potential he would have to compete with once Sabela completes his studies. Sabela described this as a heartwarming and inspiring experience he embraced wholeheartedly.

“Being interviewed by seasoned broadcaster Xoli Mngambi, and DUT Journalism alumnus and journalism titan, Jeremy Maggs, gave me unbelievable pleasure and exposure. Seeing myself on eNCA and Newzroom Afrika has encouraged me to work harder so I can one day see myself as one of the great journalists in the country,” he shared.

Sabela said the kind of critical writing he did in the piece needed him to be honest about what is happening in the country. He said young South Africans, in their thinking patterns, need to completely ignore the boundaries that society set for them.

“When I wrote this piece, I didn’t just want to think outside the box, I wanted to think in a critical way.

“Also, being a journalism student has truly opened my eyes and it has changed the way I view the world, as well as South Africa. But most importantly, it encouraged me to be vocal about everything and anything,” he elaborated.

Sabela added that the TV appearance and radio engagements he had, discussing critical matters, were “a huge honour for my family, the communities and schools that made me the young man I am today. They have elevated my career to a level I cannot begin to comprehend”.

Sabela encourages young people to go out on 29 May 2024 to fulfil their civic duty.

To view the interviews Sabela had on TV, following these links:

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Pictured: Enzokuhle Sabela

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