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Sacrifice and Prayers Earns Uko Cum Laude and Dean’s Merit Award

Sacrifice and Prayers Earns Uko Cum Laude and Dean’s Merit Award

Consistent prayers, tenacity, patience and lots of studying is what made Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s), Edidiong Uko, excel in studies towards her Degree of Master of Information and Communications Technology.
The 26-year old Uko, who hails from Southern Nigeria, graduated with cum laude and received the Dean’s Merit award on 1 September 2017, during the Faculty of Accounting and Informatics session at 9am.

“Spending two years at DUT to acquire a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology was really challenging at first. I really never thought it would be possible to achieve good results, and I actually hoped to graduate with cum laude. My dream is now a reality and it is really humbling and mind-blowing,” said the excited Uko.

“It always seemed to me like something other people achieved and being amongst those people today has certainly driven me in ways I cannot describe. Words elude me, for acquiring both achievements, it just makes the stress and sacrifices worth it. Also, knowing that it is possible to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself, is a feat on its own,” she added.

Uko had to set high standards and do well, as she wanted to set an example to her young siblings., Giving up was not an option on her journey of studying, achieving results to the best of her ability was important.
“I would attribute my success to being driven to not just achieve my goals at DUT but to achieve excellence. This entailed following up with my supervisor every step of the way and most importantly, praying. Channel your inner strength and become aggressive with your studies. I had no social life whatsoever, also at times I almost gave up, but coming from a family that perseveres and strives to excel in life, I knew giving up wasn’t an option, so I had to push myself and find the strength I never knew I had,” she said.

Uko said that studying at DUT was such a great experience and she would not have achieved this level of success without the intense criticisms and drilling from her supervisor, Professor Olugbara. “Also, the continuous, academic achievements of my father Dr Roy Uko and my mother, Professor Ini Uko have always been my motivating factors and has always propelled me to aim high,” she said proudly.

Mbuso Kunene.

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