Saturday Tutorial Education Programme (STEP) is a student-led tutorial program designed for high school learners around the vicinity of DUT’s various Campuses. It provides academic support to strengthen their subject comprehension, building confidence and improve their learning skills.

In addition to receiving intensive tutorials, the program offers university preparation activities i.e., CAO application, bursary application, etc. The program has been running continuously since 2011 to great acclaim.

During the tutorials in STEP, learners participate in a variety of activities including classes, excursions, workshops and exhibitions. The tutors are carefully selected to meet the needs of both individual learners and the full group. The timetable of STEP is designed around the stated interests of the learners. The program is currently finalizing the rollout of platforms for e-tutorials on top of face-to-face tutoring (this will be reviewed when the conditions attributable to the pandemic allow).


• Working together towards building a knowledgeable nation through education.

• To be the most sought-after tutoring program where learners can achieve academic excellence while discovering their career paths.


• To provide quality education to learners through excellent teaching and learning.

• We strive to offer evidence-based tutoring and university-preparation programs.

Values and Ethics

• Respect

• Honesty

• Integrity

• Fairness

• Transparency

What does the program Involve?

  • Tutorials
  • University preparation
  • Examination preparation
  • Life skills

Recruitment Process of Learners for Saturday School

  • The program is designed to accommodate grade 10 and 11 learners with easy and reasonable access to ML Sultan Campus in Durban and Indumiso Campus in the Midlands.
  • The university will not be held liable for any loss of items and or injury as a result of travelling to or participating in the programme.
  • Participation in STEP does not guarantee future acceptance into the university.
  • All payable fees are to be paid at any DUT cashiers office and/ be deposited into DUT account number.
  • The current nonrefundable fee is inclusive of all activities is R 600 per annum.


  • The program is a 4-hour program run over a period of 8 weeks per semester.

Subject Offered

  • Mathematics.
  • Mathematical Literacy.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Business Studies.
  • Economics.
  • Accounting.


  • Learners will be issued with a certificate of attendance, participation and work covered at the end of the programme.


1. How much is the fees?

  • You only pay once off of R400 registration fees which is non-refundable.


2. Do you also have classes for English first additional language?

  • First & second additional language subjects are not offered on the programme


3. How do you apply?

  • Applications are done online on the link embedded on the application poster.


4. By whole term you mean from July to December 2021 or?

  • Classes will start from July to December 2021.


5. Its only R400 required to be paid and nothing more?

  • Yes


6. Is it free classes?

  • The classes are not free, you only pay R 400 registration


7. Can we apply for more than one subject?

  • Yes, you can apply for more than one subject.


8. When do the classes start?

  • First Saturday of July 2021


9. What time does classes start ?

  • Depends on the timetable and subjects a learner will enroll.


10. How do you go about paying registration fee?

  • Admission form will provide with all the payments details if you have been accepted on the programme.


11. What document we need to bring to register?

  • Identity document and proof of payment.



Andile Samkele Masuku

: 031 373 2680
Email: AndileM3@dut.ac.za





Thenjiwe Mpanza

: 033 845 8880
Email: VerahM@dut.ac.za




Simphiwe Mahlaba

: 031 373 2635
Email: SimphiweM5@dut.ac.za




Supporting Staff

Masiza Ngculu

: 031 373 2683
Email: masizan@dut.ac.za




Thobeka Shozi-Nxumalo

: 033 845 8809
Email: thobekas@dut.ac.za




Thokozani Sibiya

: 031 373 2911
Email: thokozanis@dut.ac.za




Siyabonga Dlamini

Tel: 031 373 2910
Email: siyabongaD1@dut.ac.za





Dr Thembinkosi Sotsaka

School of Education
Email: douglass@dut.ac.za




Dr Mzwandile Khumalo

Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Email: mzwandilek@dut.ac.za