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Singh Is One Step Closer To Being The Successful Woman She Aspires To Be!

Singh Is One Step Closer To Being The Successful Woman She Aspires To Be!

For the bubbly 23-year-old Shivneta Singh, having heard she had achieved Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit award in her BTech in Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition brought tears to her proud parents’ eyes.

“They felt overwhelmed and proud as tears ran down my mom’s face and my dad reacted with a big smile accompanied with hugs and kisses,” said the jubilant Singh.

Singh will be graduating at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Virtual Graduation ceremony on 10 June 2020.

She is absolutely thrilled with her great achievement as she had accomplished her short term goal, as it was not something she was expecting but is proud of herself. “I never realised the true meaning of hard work, determination and never giving up until I have seen these results. This is one step closer to the successful, independent woman I aspire to be,” she said.

Having been through immense stress, the pressure of meeting deadlines, making sacrifices such as missing out on social gatherings, having sleepless nights, has all paid off with her excellent results.

“The road to success is never easy. It is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging but never give up! Be determined, inspired and motivated to reach your goals in your career path as it will help you grow stronger not only in the industry but also as an individual,” said the excited Singh.

She also expressed that her path of study would have been different as she had aspired to be a journalist at first. “My first choice was Journalism with a successful application at DUT. I always dreamt of being a journalist since a little girl. However, I chose to follow my heart and passion for food and accepted the offer in the department of Food and Nutrition,” she said.

Singh, who is a triplet, is not alone in her academic journey and has other siblings who have also been busy with their studies. She confessed that all three of them all have a great taste for food which started from childhood. “My brother studied Culinary Arts and furthered his studies in Patisserie at the International Hotel School in Westville to pursue his career as a chef. My sister recently completed her Diploma in Food Technology at DUT. My biggest motivating factor that kept me studying was family. I always wanted to make them proud, therefore I always set high standards,” she said.

Singh is a firm believer in hard work and determination. Her advice to future DUT students who want to be part of the food industry is that it is a beautiful international industry with great opportunities. “You can travel the world and explore different cuisines and techniques. However, it is a difficult industry but with one’s passion, drive and artistic imagination, it will be a successful road to your career path. Every day is a new adventure in the food industry as you gain more knowledge, skills and experience,” she said.

The dynamic go-getter is currently completing her Master’s in Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition at DUT. She also works in the same department as a tutor and research assistant. Her future goal is to be a permanent staff member as a lecturer at a university.

Pictured: Shivneta Singh

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