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Two important online surveys about the factors that influence teaching and learning at DUT will run over the next 6 weeks as part of the Siyaphumelela project focusing on student success. The South African Survey of Student Engagement (SASSE) is open to all undergraduate and B.Tech students, and the Lecturer Survey of Student Engagement (LSSE) is open to all lecturers of undergraduate students. The surveys measure the amount of effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities, and the extent to which the university provides the right support structures and facilitates student participation in activities that matter to student learning. Students who completed the 2016 SASSE said that their education at DUT contributed significantly to their writing, speaking and critical thinking skills, their ability to work effectively with others and their job-related knowledge. Students also enjoyed collaborative learning with their peers. These results help inform curriculum design, work-integrated learning programmes and tutorial support programmes. About 1800 students and 100 lecturers participated in SASSE in 2016. This year, the Siyaphumelela project team is aiming to triple student and lecturer participation to over 5000 students and 300 lecturers respectively. Staff and students who complete the survey in full stand a chance to win great prizes, including a grand prize of R1000 for students participating in the “SASSE@DUT coolest pic” competition on Radio DUT Facebook. Remember, the survey is only open from 14th August until 21st September 2018.

Undergraduate and B.Tech students, to complete SASSE click here:

Lecturers of undergraduate and B.Tech students, to complete LSSE click here:



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