Future users and partners interested in CNS Systems technologies and technique can find some details on the following Web sites:


ARINC – www.arinc.com
Academician M.F. Reshetnev “information Satellite Systems” (ISS) – Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia http://www.iss-reshetnev.com
Canadian Space Agency – Canada http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/Default.asp
Canadian Space Commerce Association – Canada http://spacecommerce.ca/
China National Space Administration – www.cnsa.gov.cn
CNS Systems Inc – http://www.cnssys.com/
CNS Systems AB – http://www.cns.se/
Cospas-Sarsat – http://www.cospas-sarsat.org
Dnipropetrovsk State Design Institute – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine www.dpi.dp.ua
ESA – www.esa.int
Globalstar – www.globalstar.com
ICAO – www.icao.int
IMO – www.imo.org
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) – Bangalore, India www.isro.gov.in
Inmarsat – www.inmarsat.com
International Institute of Space Commerce – http://www.iisc.im/
Intelsat – www.intelsat.com
Intersputnik (Fixed Satellite Operator) – www.intersputnik.ru
Iridium – www.iridium.com
Isle of Man Government Space – Isle of Man http://www.whereyoucan.im/Sectors-Detail/Space.aspx
NASA – USA http://www.nasa.gov/recovery/contact_us.html
NASA Space Science Enterprise – USA (Management Handbook)http://spacescience.nasa.gov/admin/pubs/handbook/OSSHandbook.pdf
National Space Facilities Control and Test Center – Yevpatoriya, Crimea, Ukrainewww.spacecenter.gov.ua
NovAtel  – www.novatel.com
Office of Space Commercialization – USA http://www.space.commerce.gov/
Orbcomm – www.Orbcomm.com
Russian Federal Space Agency “ROSCOSMOS” – Moscow, Russia www.federalspace.ruwww.roscosmos.ru
Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI) – www.rssi.ru
Russian Space Systems (RSS) – Moscow, Russia www.rniikp.ru
Russian Satellite Communications – http://eng.rscc.ru
SITA – www.sita.aero
South African National Space Agency (SANSA) – http://www.sansa.org.za/
Presentation of AFSAGA
SANSA Strategy
State Space Agency of Ukraine – Kiev, Ukraine www.nkau.gov.ua
Ukrkosmos State Company – Kiev, Ukraine www.ukrkosmos.com
Yuzhnoye Space Design Office – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine www.yuzhnoye.com