Sanja-BaukSupervisor: Prof Dr Sanja Bauk
Maritime Department
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Campus: Steve Biko Campus




Prof. Dr. Sanja Bauk was born in Kotor (Montenegro) in 1972. As an excellent student, she won the “Luca I” prize in elementary and high school. She graduated in 1997 at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor, University of Montenegro. As one of the best students she received the University Plaque.

In 2001 she earned her master degree studies at the Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, University of Belgrade (Serbia), defending the Master Thesis: “Information and Communication Technologies in Optimizing the Ship Navigation”. In 2005 she finished her PhD studies at the same Faculty, defending the doctoral dissertation: “Intelligent Information Systems in Route Optimization in Maritime and Port Transport”. In 2013 she completed the post-doctoral studies in the field of didactic informatics at the Academy for New Media in Knowledge Transfer at the University of Graz (Austria).

Prof. Dr. Sanja Bauk has received several international academic awards as a visiting researcher and lecturer at Universities of: Coimbra (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), Odessa (Ukraine), Graz (Austria), Lund (Sweden) Ahen (Germany), London (UK) and others.

The field of her research interest is multiple. It is partly in the domain of quantitative optimization method, and partly in the domain of information and communication technologies (ICT). In the field of quantitative optimization, she has analyzed some of the optimization problems of transport, logistics, maintenance, market positioning, assessment of the customer satisfaction level, etc. In the field of informatics, she has studied the properties of various ICT applications, mainly in maritime sector, as well as didactic informatics and post-production tools. Currently, her interest is focused on the evolution of web, the Internet of Things, virtually smart environments, and the human dimension in technological development.

Prof. Dr. Sanja Bauk is the author of two scientific monographs, and one university textbook. As an author and co-author, she has published a significant number of papers in scientific journals indexing in reference databases (around 30), and in other international scientific journals (about 100). She has published a large number of articles in the proceedings of international scientific-professional conferences. She is a member of editorial board and a reviewer in several international scientific journals. She is also a member of scientific boards of several international maritime conferences. She has actively participated in the realization of numerous research projects.

Since 1998, she has worked at the Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Montenegro, and since 2013 she has been an associate professor, teaching the Operations Researches and Information Technologies in Maritime Affairs at undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Currently she is an adjunct professor at the Durban University of Technology (South Africa).

In addition to her native Serbo-Croatian, she fluently speaks English, and knows elementary German.

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