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Strong Will for WIL Drives Dr Msukwini to Publish his First Book

Strong Will for WIL Drives Dr Msukwini to Publish his First Book

Strong passion for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and perseverance were the main driving force behind the author of the book titled “An Investigation into the Human Resource for WIL.”

This book was officially launched on Tuesday, 11 April 2018 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. It was penned by Dr Themba Msukwini who is the External Engagement Manager at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT) Co-operative Education Department.

The book is based on thesis that was done by Dr Msukwini in fulfilment of his PhD qualification in Human Resource Management obtained from the DUT. The title of his thesis was, “An Investigation into the Human Resource Capacity needs to facilitate learner support of Work Integrated Learning at a University of Technology. A Case Study of the Durban University of Technology.”

Dr Msukwini’s journey towards completing his PhD had its own challenges as he had to endure the strain of suffering from a stroke in 2013, which impaired his speech. “It was a very difficult period because I was not able to have a verbal conversation with anyone as my speech was impaired, but through perseverance and passion for what I’m doing, I was able to complete my thesis and eventually write this book. I also received great support from my family, supervisor and colleagues, and very grateful for their support, My speech is going to be improved 100%  in time.” said Dr Msukwini.

His book seeks to investigate the role, responsibilities and qualities of university and industry staff who facilitate support for learners in order to formulate guidelines which may structure the training of such individuals.

“The objective is to formulate a human resource capacity profile that will inform the capacity needs for Co-op Practitioners to facilitate learner support by doing a survey, analysing the findings, interpreting the data and drawing conclusions. The survey conducted by formal interviews as well as using questionnaires that are designed for DUT WIL students, Co-op Practitioners, WIL graduates as well as employers,” explained Dr Msukwini.

Furthermore, he said the book also aims to determine the competencies, characteristics, personality traits, communication skills of Co-op Practitioners, examine skills and resources for such qualities. “Through this book I want to equip the beginners in the facilitation of learner support with skills and also address their human resource capacity needs,” said Dr Msukwini.

This book was first published in November 2017 in Germany. It is currently available on request. “I am currently engaging with bookshops to sell this book, and I’m also targeting institutions of higher learning and one of the TVET colleges is already using my book as their teaching material,” said Dr Msukwini.

Pictured: Author, Dr Themba Msukwini handing over his book to Faizal Salfa from the KwaZulu-Natal Public Service Training Academy, during the book launch held yesterday, 11 April 2018 at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

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