Student Exchange Programme

DUT is delighted to welcome students from our partner universities to spend an exchange semester. Be part of an exciting Student Exchange Programme at DUT! Since its inception with two students in 2008, the student exchange programme has grown with approximately one hundred incoming students annually.


A Student exchange programs can change your life! As an exchange student you will be able to :

  • Register for courses and earn credits that count towards your degree at your home institution.
  • Develop crucial intercultural skills for success in the global marketplace
  • Visit a rural village
  • Build lasting international friendships
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Become more independent and confident
  • Contribute to international understanding and diplomacy


As a potential incoming exchange student or partner university you may have questions related to our semester dates, nominations, application process as well as other practical issues.


First Semester February to May / June (Nominations are received in August) Second Semester July to October / November (Nominations are received in March)


Nominations are received from our partner universities that have a valid cooperation agreement.

The home universities pre-select and nominate the applicants and submit the nominees to the International Education and Partnerships Office.

If your home university is interested in collaboration opportunities, they can send an email to the Director of the International Office Dr Lavern Samuels


Exchange students need to complete one of the application forms below:


Subject Offerings

Exchange students can choose subjects from the courses offered below


Study Visa

As an Exchange Student you will be required to have study visa in order to register at DUT.

Study visas must be applied for at the South African Consulate in your home country. The international Education and Partnerships Office will provide you with the letter of undertaking which is one of the requirements when applying for the visa. Applications need to be submitted 6 to 8 weeks prior to your intended departure date to South Africa.


Medical Aid

Please ensure that you have a South African medical aid prior to arrival in South Africa. It is a legal requirement, according to the rules of the Department of Home Affairs that every International / Exchange Student has a valid South African medical aid membership. Travel insurance is not sufficient whilst you are staying here. The medical aid must be paid upfront for the duration of your stay.

Two affordable medical cover products are recommended which provide minimum basic cover as prescribed in the Medical Schemes Act of South Africa (Act No. 131 of 1998). These are specifically suited to the needs of international students


Momentum Health




Compcare Wellness






Exchange Students are not eligible for acceptance at the DUT residences. There are a number of places that you can find accommodation in Durban. The following list of accommodation is not exhaustive but includes accommodation used by previous exchange students.


Registration is processed online.


The first step of the registration process is the submission of documents that are required by all international students. You will require a student number and pin code in order to proceed. Please contact your Faculty Office for assistance to obtain a student number if you do not have one.


The documents need to be uploaded on the I-Enabler system by clicking on the link:

Then click on APPLICATIONS → CERTIFICATES SEEN → and upload the relevant documents.

 Upload certified copies of the following documents as applicable:


  • SV        Visa / Permit / Declaration         (Upload your study visa in this section)
  • PP        Passport                                           (Upload your passport in this section)              
  • MF       Medical Aid Certificate                (Upload your medical aid certificate in this section)


If the uploaded documents are satisfactory you will be cleared you so that you can proceed with online registration.




    • Personal Contact Information (Please update this information)
    • Address Validation (Please update this information)


Rules and Regulations

    • Read rules and select “I accept” and the click Submit
    • Select “unemployed” and then click Save and Continue

    1. This will take you to the Possible Subject Selection Page
    • Select subjects and then Save and Continue
    • Save and Continue again
    • Click on Accept Registration

    • Select the Email Proof of Registration or Proof of Registration – PDF.




An orientation is held at the beginning of each semester. The purpose of the orientation is to integrate exchange students into the university community. The students are welcomed by the Director: IEP and are introduced to the International Education and Partnerships (IEP) team. This is an information session where presentations are made by representatives from various departments including the library, student health, student counselling, sports department, campus safety: protection services and medical aid representatives.