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Students Jam Together to Build Mobile Apps

Students Jam Together to Build Mobile Apps

The Durban University of Technology’s Information Technology Department, in partnership with Microsoft, recently held the Windows 10 Hackathon which was a huge success.

Students worked in teams on ideas they have for new mobile applications, thereafter getting prizes based on their presentations.

“We are hoping to get everyone familiar with using Windows 10 products. This (the hackathon) also allows developers to have an opportunity to provide apps for all Windows 10 platforms,” said Morris Masuku, Microsoft Appfactory Developer.

Hanni Sambo, third year IT students at DUT, said he was part of a group of students who are working on a mobile app which would make its user’s life easier.

Derlich Kambasi, an IT student, encouraged other students to pursue in Information Technology. “Everything is now based on IT and technology. It (IT) improves peoples’ lives. There are also many opportunities in the field,” he said.

-Mxolisi Ntanzi

Pictured: DUT Information Technology students working on the development of their apps.


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