dut_radio1RadioDUT is the official in-house radio station of the Durban University of Technology. The mission of the radio station is to provide quality information and entertainment that speaks directly to the needs of the DUT community.

RadioDUT aims to offer information, entertainment and engagement to the DUT community.

RadioDUT is a diverse, vibrant and a well-informed radio station that seeks to empower students before, during and after their academic life. Radio DUT aims to meet the needs of a young and active youth, graduates entering the world of work, prospective students and individuals of general society.

RadioDUT is a student-centered radio station; it is all about the student. Its objective is to support holistic development of all students through provision of useful content that enhances their learning experience.

Vision Statement 
RadioDUT envisions being an organisation that serves its community through the provision of relevant content and through playing an integral role in advocating for social change. We aim to create and distribute public news and information that’s accurate, balanced and trustworthy. Lastly, the radio station aims to create a world where people hear stories of people in their communities that contribute to the structure of the Durban University of Technology.

Mission Statement 
To provide high quality campus / community radio programming, production, entertainment and broadcasting to the Durban University of Technology.

Provide an alternative to music and in-depth spoken word programming from that heard on other local radio stations.
Support values such as freedom of expression, fairness, respect and accountability with regards to participation and programming.

Key values of the radio station
Respect, Recognition, Opportunity and Access
Loyalty, Dignity and Trust
Transparency, Openness, Honesty and Shared Governance

RadioDUT aims to create a two-way system of communication that integrates understanding, learning and development of students.

Key Objectives
To offer equal opportunity to all people, regardless of gender, physical challenges, sexual orientation, race or age. To help create a culture that will bridge the gap that exists between different campuses. To cultivate and promote the talent that exists within the DUT community. To maintain a commitment to being on the leading edge of social and political issues effecting students and the general community.

How to tune in: Go to www.RadioDUT.co.za

How to interact with us:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RadioDUTOnline
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RadioDUT
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/RadioDUT

Contact details:

Office: 031 373 3057 / 031 373 2734
Studio (On Air): 031 373 3053
Studio (DJ): 031 373 2799

For more information contact RadioDUT  on : info@radiodut.co.za
or visit http://radiodut.co.za/contact-us/