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The 5th Anniversary Series Activities of Confucius Institute at DUT “Experiencing China, Light up Chinese Dream”

The 5th Anniversary Series Activities of Confucius Institute at DUT “Experiencing China, Light up Chinese Dream”

The Confucius Institute (CI) of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) held a seminar titled: “Rainbow Bridge to China and Chinese Culture” at Ritson Campus on 26 August 2019.

Mr Fei Mingxing, Consul General of the People’s Republic China in Durban, Professor Wang Zhengxiang from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Professor Suren Singh, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science of DUT, together with 120 DUT students attended the seminar and exchanged their views and ideas about China.

The Consul General Fei Mingxing also gave a keynote speech on “My Story with China and South Africa”. He shared his own growth experience on witnessing the development of the new China from poverty to prosperity. He used Aberdare Cable Company, a Chinese-funded enterprise in KwaZulu-Natal Province, as a case study to inspire students to realise the various opportunities brought by contemporary China in the fields like new technology training, capital investment and job opportunities.

He also shared a story of a Chinese entrepreneur successfully starting a business in Newcastle. The entrepreneur cultivated young generation in poverty-stricken areas into the backbone of the enterprise and made the factory become a family friendly entity, “I truly believe that the people from China and South Africa are the most intimate brothers and sisters and we should closely work together in building a community of common destiny for all mankind,” he said.

The seminar which was hosted by Frank Wu Lin, the Co-Dean of Confucius Institute of DUT; expressed his gratitude to the Consul General Fei, who introduced a comprehensive three-dimensional China to the students. Moreover, Frank Wu concluded the five-year development of the Confucius Institute at DUT and highly appreciated the firm support provided by DUT. He anticipates students can be inspired by the successful development experience of China, and become a new young generation of South Africa. “Mandarin is not just a tool for communication, but a key to a new gateway to success and to a future full of infinite possibilities,” he said.

“At present, China offers many opportunities of employment, study abroad and short-term exchanges programmes. Since its formal function in 2014, Confucius Institute of DUT has successfully recommended more than 100 Chinese learners to attend winter/summer camps in China, many were sent to China to pursue a master’s degree or to continually learn Chinese with Chinese Government Scholarships, Confucius Scholarships or Universities Scholarships. Moreover, a group of outstanding Chinese students were recommended to have an internship or work in local Chinese-funded enterprises,” said Frank Wu.

Professor Wang Zhengxiang and Mr Mnguni also shared their views on China in accordance with their different professional backgrounds and exchange experiences in South Africa and China.

Pictured: The Consul General Fei Mingxing

Frank Wu

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