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The Best Places to View the Supermoon

The Best Places to View the Supermoon

Did you know that on November 14, the moon will be the closest to Earth since 1948?

Basically this means the moon will be at its brightest and biggest in nearly 70 years. 

According to Nasa, a Supermoon occurs when the sun, moon and Earth line up, causing the moon to appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the average full moon. Wow!

But you didn’t want to know the technicalities behind the Supermoon, right? What you really want to know is where the best places are to see this astronomical occurrence in all its glory.

According to Conde Nest Traveller, the best seat in the house is away from urban areas because light pollution can mask the brightness of the Supermoon.

An even better idea is if you’re close to a mountain range or elevated area – stake your place early because everyone else will have the same idea.

The best time to view it would be at moonrise at 3:52pm and you don’t need a telescope!


Pictured: A Supermoon.

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