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Transport Minister Unveils RAF Mobile Offices

Transport Minister Unveils RAF Mobile Offices

Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, unveiled new mobile offices for the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to assist with claims in rural areas.

The recent launch was held at the Mandela Park Stadium in Khayelitsha.

Peters was speaking during World Remembrance Day which is held to remember millions of people killed and injured on the world’s roads.

“This is the first of its kind” said Peters, saying the mobile offices will be able to reach people living and working in farms, small towns and rural areas.

Ayanda Nomaqhiza, 36, a taxi driver from Bizana in the Eastern Cape, said the mobile offices will go a long way in assisting people in his community who sometimes travel to big cities to get help from the RAF. “People travel as far as Pretoria to get their accident claims processed. They borrow money from neighbors and the lawyers get a huge portion of their money. I really hope these mobile
offices will be helpful to our people and for people like us who are always on the road,” said Nomaqhiza, adding that the government should invest in putting cameras on all the roads in the EC because some people who are hit by cars are often sidelined by the RAF because there is no proof of their injuries.

Peters said the RAF is currently using its office staff to run the mobile offices and should the campaign be expanded, more out-of-office employees will be recruited.

Sthabiso Mdledle

Pictured: Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters.

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