Twin Sisters Aim To Make An Indelible Mark In The Fashion Industry

Twin Sisters Aim To Make An Indelible Mark In The Fashion Industry


The Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Department of Fashion and Textiles has been at the forefront in guiding and showcasing the amazing ‘fashion’ talents of DUT graduates.

The Department also aims to develop and expand the knowledge of talented fashion students who wish to specialise in areas relevant to the current and future fashion and textile industry.

Two recent fashion alumnae are excited about their future in the fashion industry and are striving towards making DUT proud of their creative talents, combined.

The dynamic twins Nishthi and Nivadni Sewnath want to make an indelible fashion mark in the industry, going forward. They both recently graduated Cum Laude for their Bachelor of Technology degrees in Fashion.

“It was an honour to achieve this degree, it was the most incredible feeling ever achieving this BTech degree with my twin sister. It felt unreal achieving this cum laude pass but this was achieved through the motivation and constant support of our family and lecturers at the Fashion and Textile Department,” said an elated Nishthi Sewnath.

For Nivadni Sewnath, it was an amazing experience throughout the one year. “Gaining so much of knowledge through theory and experimenting/manipulating fabrics,” she said.

Both sisters stressed that even though they studied the same field, they are not competitive with each other. They always work together in any situation or task and do not find the need of competing against one another. “We feel that we will achieve everything that we want in life by working as a pair. There will always be times that we will learn from each other by combining our ideas,” they added.

Surprisingly, both sisters are also working together at the same company called Gemelli. Their aim is to gain experience as junior designers in the manufacturing industry.

Both have reiterated that their future goal is to have their own brand and open their own fashion business. Their ultimate plan is to learn and create more unique fashion garments. “I would also like to have an online store that will be used to sell my merchandise,” added Nishthi Sewnath.

The talented duo said being in the fashion industry can be hard work but through commitment, dedication and the love that one has for fashion one can achieve it all. “Everything in life is an inspiration and this will enable you to became a better designer,” said Nivadni Sewnath.

For Nishthi Sewnath, she is very inspired by her role model Rei Kawakubo, a Japanese fashion designer. She is intrigued by her abstract fashion and art inspired garments. She also stressed that her path will not be the same without her mentors at DUT that she looks up to.

In terms of fashion, both want to specialise in ladies wear and work differently, however, both stressed that when their ideas are combined their creations are extraordinary. “We both want to open up our own business and sell our merchandise abroad. We would like to travel together to all the fashion cities such as Paris, New York, Milan, London and the list goes on,” said the duo.

To follow their fashion career, follow them on Instagram: nishthi_2695 or @nivadni.

Pictured:  Nishthi and Nivadni Sewnath.

Waheeda Peters

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