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UPDATE from DUT SRC on NSFAS Funding and Other Issues Concerning DUT Students

UPDATE from DUT SRC on NSFAS Funding and Other Issues Concerning DUT Students

NSFAS Funding Issues

· NSFAS New Applicants

DUT SRC has received a list from NSFAS detailing new applicants for 2017. Those students have been coded as NN17. NSFAS will further communicate with those students regarding their funding statuses for 2017. Funded students will also receive SMS’s from the institution once they have been coded.

· NSFAS Returning Successful/Unsuccessful Applicants

NSFAS has also given the SRC a list of all successful returning students for 2017. These students will be coded as N217. Another list that is also available is for those students who have applied for NSFAS but were unsuccessful. Unsuccessful students for NSFAS will be coded as UC17. NSFAS has promised to communicate accordingly to students whether they were successful or unsuccessful in their application. DUT will also send SMS’s to all students once they have been coded.

· Appeals

Students, who want to appeal outcomes of their applications, must note that appeal forms are now available on the NSFAS website and our Financial Aid Offices. These forms will be accepted from today (Thursday, 26 January 2017) until Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Students are urged to not miss the deadline and to clearly complete these forms. Both new and returning NSFAS applicants that have been unsuccessful for 2017 can make appeals. Appeal forms must be submitted to DUT Financial Aid Offices (Situated in Steve Biko Campus).

· Unsigned Loan Agreement Forms

It has come to the SRC’s attention that there are students who have not yet signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF). Those students who fall under categories such as historic debt 2013, historic debt 2014, historic debt 2015 and MTU6 who have not signed their LAF are delaying the process to have their fees paid. Those students who are categorised above and have not signed their forms, must urgently report to the SRC offices to check for their names on the list.

· 2016 Final year students
All students who were funded by NSFAS in 2016 but were unable to access their results have been unblocked. These students have also been coded as FYN6. If any of these students wish to register for their Bachelor of Technology Degree (BTech), they may do so; however, they must pay a registration fee.
It has also come to the SRC’s attention that some students who were completing their final year’s in 2016, have fees which are due to them but are having difficulties with recovering those fees from the University in order for them to register. The SRC is addressing the matter with DUT Management and will communicate with students accordingly.
· NEW DUT Students/First time Applicants

All new/prospective students with firm offers that have not yet registered due to financial reasons, the SRC and DUT Management have addressed the matter. Their spaces will not be forfeited because of their financial status but will be reserved for them until necessary funds are available to them, since NSFAS has and will be responding to all applicants.

· 2017 Final Year Students

A provisional arrangement for registration have been made for students in their final year, who were unable to settle their arrear fees in 2016:

1. Students are required to obtain a letter from their academic department, confirming that they are in their final year of study.
2. The student must then sign an acknowledgement of debt with the finance department.
3. When the above is completed, the student can then proceed to their faculty for registration.

Student Housing Issues

The University is currently experiencing a shortage of beds. This has led to some students being temporarily allocated in other residences such as Berea and Baltimore student residence. The SRC and DUT Management are working together in addressing the shortage of beds by securing more residences.

SRC Student Grant
Funds have been made available from the SRC grant to assist deserving students with registration fees. SRC will be prioritising first year students. Students who are in need of the SRC grant are advised to fill in the SRC Grant Application form obtainable at the SRC offices. When returning the form the students must attach all supporting, documents (just like with the NSFAS Application form).
NB: Students, who have not yet received any feedback from NSFAS but had applied, must please report to the SRC offices. The SRC will write your name on the list and evaluate your case. Furthermore, SRC offices are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm for any other student’s related queries and matters. SRC Offices are found at the Open House Building, third Floor, Steve Biko Road. Open House Building is the building where Standard Bank is.

NB! Those who have not received any NSFAS communication until now please report to the SRC offices so that we can write you on our list and evaluate your cases. Furthermore, the SRC offices are always open for consultation on student related matters.
For any other queries and student matters, students can contact

Zama Mncube
SRC President
074 701 2804

Mbuso KaJobe Sithole
SRC Deputy Secretary General
076 292 9428

Mbuso Sithole
SRC Deputy Secretary General
Tel.: 031 373 2731
Cell: 076 292 9428

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