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William Receives Merit Award at the Annual Awards Function

William Receives Merit Award at the Annual Awards Function

Being a high achiever comes naturally for the young and bubbly Siphiwe William who was rewarded for his academic achievements at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Tourism and Hospitality Department Annual Awards ceremony which was held at Ritson campus recently.

The awards ceremony is held to acknowledge the highest academic achievers in each year of their studies. For William, he received the highest merit award for his second-year of study in Tourism Management.

William, who is currently in his third-year of study was the first student in the Hospitality and Tourism department who attended the Cultural Exchange programme for six months in Germany. William had left for Munich, Germany in February and returned in August 2017. During his time in Germany, he was a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. According to William, the exchange programme had helped him make great strides in the Tourism industry.

“I feel proud of myself as I knew that it is all due to my hard work from my first year that had led to all my achievements at DUT. I know that God is also behind all my successes till to date.  The most important thing is that achieving this award has made me more driven to work harder than before because I know I will be rewarded at the end of the day,” he said proudly.

Hospitality and Tourism lecturer Nozipho Sibiya, said William is one of their top achievers since his first year at the department. “He has outstanding leadership qualities, he is very outspoken, always helping other students and is not afraid of challenges. He has also flew the DUT flag high in Munich at the cultural exchange programme this year, which he was part of. With his international, cultural relations, we hope to continue the bridge of communication he has established internationally,” she said.

William, at first admitted Tourism Management was his second choice of study as he always wanted to become a pastry chef since he has a great passion for cooking and baking. “However, I fell in love with tourism back in high school as it was one of my favourite subjects because my teacher taught it with so much passion and that rubbed off me,  hence I chose tourism over hospitality. I don’t regret ever choosing tourism, I enjoy everything that comes with it but not the workload,” he chuckled. 

Receiving awards and accolades has been easy for him from primary school to high school and now at tertiary level. To date, he has received 13 academic accolades. What amuses him though is the fact that his parents think he is studying to become a tourist but they are very proud of him and all his achievements.


Pictured: Siphiwe William with his trophy, which he had received for his academic achievements at the Tourism And Hospitality Department Annual Awards ceremony.

Waheeda Peters

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