Lungelani Myeni Finalist in PG Bison I.618 Competition

Lungelani Myeni

Interior Design, third year student Lungelani Myeni had a close call when he made it into the top ten of the PG Bison 1.618 Competition. Myeni stood a chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair in Italy.

Myeni and his lecturer, Susan Barrett attended the awards ceremony which Myeni was to know his fate in whether his unique African characterised designs impressed the judges or not. Although, he did not make the top three, he is still proud of his work. The contestants had to design a building with three requirements; the ground floor entrance of the central block, the adjoining north-eastern room and the adjoining outdoor area located on the north-eastern side of the building.

“The competition is compulsory to all third year students it forms part of the syllabus, and I was the only one selected from my class”, said Myeni. The PG Bison I.618 Competition was created over 20 years ago to recognize future interior and industrial designers, architects, and key decision makers in the South African construction industry.

“I am very excited to have been selected to be within the top ten of the PG Bison awards, more so because, it says a lot about my work it and it will work to my advantage when I go into industry”, added Myeni.
Furthermore, Myeni is grateful for the opportunity that was presented to him. He feels that the competition was the best platform for him to showcase his work and show his passion on the change he wants to bring into the interior design industry.

“Being in the top 10 is as good as winning for me. I hope that this will be the beginning of greater things for me as an interior designer. I am honoured to have been part of such prestigious awards, the experience has been out of this world,” concluded the excited student.

Pictured: Lungelani Myeni, third year interior design student.

Mongi Khanyile