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Minister Nzimande Visits DUT

Minister Nzimande Visits DUT

The Durban University of Technology was visited by Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande and his delegates on Friday, 6 July 2012.

Meeting with University heads at Indumiso Campus, Pietermaritzburg, the government officials discussed DUT’s plans to merge and work with local FETs and high schools as a way of improving education.

Professor A. Bawa said: “The aim behind this plan is to forge a relationship, between the University and local schools, which include Sukuma High School, Ekukhanyeni High School, Zibukezulu High School and uMgungundlovu FET.”

The proposal, expected to take action over the next 5 years, will create easy enrollments and make the qualification standard more accessible for students from FET colleges.

The provisions of the proposal include:

• Introducing work integrated learning to most, if not all, courses offered by DUT
• Community Involvement, which aims at not just the community having access but also ensuring the success of students
• Expansion and flexible learning, using technology and providing wireless internet for all DUT campuses
• Introducing courses that are only offered at the Durban campuses
• Improving the quality of student and staff experience

“When I heard of the merger of FETs and schools with the University, I was afraid of what might happen, but after I called our president I was given hope that it will work as it aims to better our education. This project is something we will support and await direction on,” said MEC of Basic Education Senzo Mchunu.

Michael Mabuyakhulu, MEC of Economic Development spoke enthusiastically about the merger, saying it is something they have been waiting for. He added that they need to know the relevant people to work with for the merger to succeed.

Minister Nzimande concluded that this project might cost an estimated R 500 million and there shall be a concrete answer within a month from now on the project’s direction.

— Nongcebo Khumalo

Blade Nzimande (second from right) and his delegates with DUT Vice Chancellor Professor Ahmed Bawa (centre).

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