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Badat Talks on His Passion For His Art

Badat Talks on His Passion For His Art

Enjoying what one does for a living was the focus of the talk given by visiting artist, Soleiman Badat from the Réunion Island. Badat addressed DUT students on his passion for his craft at the Durban University of Technology’s City Campus. This event was held in partnership with the DUT Durban Art Gallery, under the curatorship of Francesca Verga.

The charismatic and multi-media artist, photographer, poet and musician gave an insight into his acclaimed works which he added was not something he does for money but for the ‘love’ of doing something he thoroughly enjoys.

From drawing cartoons to taking pictures, Badat expressed how one has to give it their all when embarking on any projects. “For me, drawing cartoons is a way to express my feelings and ideas. I don’t want my work to appear to be too obvious and at times I use clues to put across my social messages,” he said. His unique style of his work has been documented in his picture journal which he had also shared with the students.
He also said to the students that producing works; be it his art or photos or installations, are not for monetary gain but for showcasing the themes. “If someone would be keen to buy any of my works I would rather sell it for a small price than for a huge sum of money,” he said.
The talented Badat also showcased his works such as his picture collection called: Tesla’s Flying Technique where he used indian ink and water-colours on paper. “These were made in buses, trains, waiting rooms, toilets and cafes, all part of my life journey,” he said.
Other works included pictures he had taken in British Columbia called: Another Rainy Day. His most recent work is his 2015 footage installation project in the Réunion Island.

“This is a multi-screen constant work in progress which was first installed in 2012. This project deals with controversial matters such as aliens or the first landing on the moon. The project relies entirely on footage collected throughout the internet,” he said.

All in all, the students enjoyed the talk, especially from the perspective of an artist who believes that passion is more important than money when doing such a trade. The students also hoped Badat would revisit the institution to showcase more of his work. For more on his work, go to:

Pictured: DUT’s Francesca Verga with visiting artist, Soleiman Badat.

Waheeda Peters

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