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Bemiah feels honoured to be alive and part of a Virtual Graduation

Bemiah feels honoured to be alive and part of a Virtual Graduation

For 20-year-old Caitlin Marissa Bemiah, obtaining a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry has been a tiring and difficult journey with many challenges and obstacles.

“Receiving these awards is my greatest achievement thus far. This was an acknowledgement that all my hard work, sleepless nights through my dedication, perseverance, diligence, sacrificing of family gatherings and social life had finally paid off,” she said.

Bemiah has achieved Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit awards and will be graduating at the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT’s) Virtual Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 at 12 pm.

“To be honest, I never even heard of the Dean’s Merit award until I viewed my results via the student portal. It’s astounding when one’s hard work, resilience and willpower to succeed pays off. I feel honoured and privileged to receive such a prestigious award,” she said proudly.

She further added that she felt a sense of gratitude and no amount of words would do justice to describe how thankful she is to God for bringing her through these past three years. “All of this is only possible by the grace of God,” she said.

Her biggest motivating factor has always been God and her source of strength through these challenging moments. She also feels so satisfied by the immense support received from her family, friends and lecturers. “The road was certainly not easy, but I was surrounded by amazing people who filled my days with delight, positivity, who were always there to provide support, motivation and encouragement,” she said.

Also, despite this year being a challenge globally, Bemiah said in lieu of the country’s current situation of Covid-19, it’s a difficult time for everyone but it doesn’t make her sit back and hesitate to move forward. It’s proven that everyone can be flexible, adaptable and open minded about any changes and circumstances in life. “To the class of 2019, this pandemic can never take away our accomplishments, we may not be able to celebrate the way we want to but there is always light at the end of the tunnel as we have achieved our goal,” she said.

Presently Bemiah is studying further towards the Advanced Diploma in Chemistry. Her aim is to obtain a job in a medical or pharmaceutical laboratory whereby her focus will be directed on medicinal or pharmaceutical chemistry.

Pictured: Caitlin Marissa Bemiah

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