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Consistency and Hard Work Earns Sigamoney Double Accolades

Consistency and Hard Work Earns Sigamoney Double Accolades

This afternoon (Monday, 13 May 2019) an ecstatic Lauren Marise Sigamoney graduated Cum laude with a Deans Merit for her Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Internal Auditing at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus in Durban.

“Obtaining Cum Laude was something I had expected, but the Deans Merit Award was a shock, however, I am now beyond excited and super proud of myself for attaining these achievements,” she said happily.

By far, 2018 was the most difficult year for her in terms of her academic studies. She found BTech very challenging as it required consistency and hard work at all times. She also stressed that the tests and examinations were not straightforward like previous years. “It was very practical, and you had to be able to think out of the box,” she added. However, the reserved yet ambitious Sigamoney believes in always putting a 110% into everything that she does and achieved outstanding results.

Her parents are ecstatic and extremely proud of her achievements, having witnessed the amount of hard work and dedication that she had put into her studies. She said her parents are both very strong-minded, independent individuals who inspired her to always stay on track and never give up no matter how difficult a situation may seem.

She adds that life is not easy and advises future DUT students to always be sincere and consistent in everything that they strive to be. “Be the best possible version of yourself for yourself and never do it to please others. Be sincere and consistent in everything that you do because you will reap what you sow,” she said.

Sigamoney is keen on furthering her studies and doing her Masters degree in either Accounting or Internal Auditing.

Pictured: Lauren Marise Sigamoney

Sanele Xaba

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