Doncabe Moved Past Obstacles To Achieve Her Goal

Doncabe Moved Past Obstacles To Achieve Her Goal


“I feel very proud to be graduating with my Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Medical Care (BTech: EMC), the road has been tough but I’m glad I never gave up. Hard work and dedication pays at the end,” said Cindy Doncabe, gleefully.

This afternoon (Tuesday, 14 May 2019) she graduated for her BTech in EMC at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, Steve Biko Campus in Durban.

For Doncabe, her choice to study Emergency Medical Care was her first choice of study. She chose to make it her first choice because when her mother passed away when she was twelve years old she always felt that she could have done something to help her if she knew how.

“My biggest motivation factor is my family because I would like a better future for them. I also want to be part of the movement that is going to make South African Emergency Medical Services effective, efficient and reliable. My aim is not limited to only South Africa,” she said.

She currently works as a remote site paramedic on a gas power station in Mozambique. She provides emergency care and support to the people on site, as well as ensures the smooth running of the medical facility on site. Her skills include having advanced intensive and advanced coronary care experience for the injured and critically ill patients. She also is skilled to do rescue in motor vehicle emergency situations, urban search and rescue, rope rescue, and fire search and rescue.

However, having a job so far away from home did prove to be challenging during her time of study. While studying for her Bachelor of Technology, Emergency Medical Care, and working out in Mozambique, meant that she was not able to come and write some exams, and failing. “My low was not being able to come write my exams because I was working in another country, and as a result of I failed,” she stressed.

But, Doncabe never gave up, she eventually came back as much as possible and finished her degree.

She added that she thinks that women should do this course if they are passionate about it. “If I can do it, any hard working female can do it,” she said.

Besides her passion for Emergency Medical Care, she would like to see herself in a youth mentorship programme as a mentor, and also study further in this field.

Pictured: Cindy Doncabe.

Waheeda Peters

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