Lecturer and Deputy Acting Head of Department: Dr Peterson Thokozani Ngema
Tel: 031 373 6835/2218
Email: ngemat@dut.ac.za
Campus: Steve Biko Campus
Bio: Dr Peterson Thokozani Ngema has graduated with a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) fulfilling a lifelong ambition. In both his PhD as well as his MSc, Dr Ngema research focused on desalination, which is the removal of salts in seawater and industrial wastewater using new technology called Gas Hydrate. Finally, he developed the equation of state known as the Hydrate Electrolytes Cubic Plus Association (HE-CPA).Dr Ngema is currently working as a lecturer and deputy acting head of department at Durban University of Technology (DUT), where he lectures thermodynamics amongst other modules. His plans are to pursue an academic career and become a professor. Currently, he graduated few graduate MEng students and supervising more than five MEng students. He published more than 15 journals papers in thermodynamics. He has been involved curriculum development for BEngTech program at DUT. Dr Ngema is a part research focus area: Green Engineering and Process Sustainability. He also collaborate to work with industry and take an active role in community projects. He worked for 8 years in Mondi Business Paper and worked for 4 years as assistance researcher at UKZN.
Qualification & Institution: National Diploma, BTech, MTech (Chemical Engineering at DUT); MScEng and PhD (Chemical Engineering at UKZN); Advance Diploma in Business Administration at DUT.
Area of Expertise: Chemical Thermodynamic, Separation Processes, Thermodynamic Modelling, Gas Hydrates, VLE, SLE, LLE and waste treatment.