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DUT Durban Graduation Off to A Good Start

DUT Durban Graduation Off to A Good Start

The Durban University of Technology’s Durban Graduation ceremonies began with the Faculty of the Engineering and the Built Environment, this morning (Monday, 8 May 2017).

A total of 1020 students will graduate from the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment today. The first session saw 329 students graduating at 09H00 and of those students, 168 obtained their National Diplomas, six graduated with their Master’s Degree and one student received his Doctorate. The morning session consisted of graduates from the Department of the Chemical Engineering and Pulp and Paper, Mechanical Engineering and also from the Department of Town and Regional planning.

The second session will see 399 students graduate and of those students, 206 will obtain their National Diplomas while 191 will graduate for their Bachelor of Technology Degrees, and there will be two students who will receive their Doctorates. Students that will graduate in the second session are from the Department of Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering and Surveying as well as the Department of Quantity Surveying and Construction Management.

The last session will take place at 18h00 this evening and in this session, 292 students will graduate and they will be from the Department of Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current), Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems (Light Current) and Industrial Engineering. In the final session, 198 students will graduate with their National Diplomas, 86 will obtain their Bachelor of Technology Degrees, five will receive their Master’s degree and three will obtain their Doctorates.

Pictured: Parents are all smiles during The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment morning graduation session.

Noxolo Memela

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