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The Durban University of Technology (DUT) recently approved the ENVISION2030 Living Framework. The five values are identified as transparency, honesty, integrity, respect, and accountability. The principles espoused are fairness, professionalism, commitment, compassion and excellence. DUT’s Communications team, Nikiwe Sukazi spoke to Tracy Samuels, Administration Assistant: Finance Research.

Q: Kindly tell me about your role at DUT?
A: “I work as an Administrator under Finance Research Unit. My role involves processing monthly stipends for students who have been awarded internal and external scholarships through DUT Grants Management. There is a lot that happens within the Finance Research Unit, we are busy with many of the Researchers at DUT. I also assist with the budget processing of requisitions, petty cash and appointments, auditing functions and queries, preparation of financial/project reports. I assist with the interpretation of the general ledger reports and general support to stakeholders for all internal and external grants.”

Q: How long have you been a member of the DUT family?
A: “I joined DUT as a staff member in May 2021, it’s almost two years now.”

Q: Amongst the mentioned ENVISION2030 Living Values and Principles, which one do you mostly associate with and why?
A: “My number one value has always been transparency. Since inception of the Framework, we must be transparent especially in the workplace because we work as a team, we work together. When one is transparent about their role and responsibility in the workplace, they are also honest. My two main principles that I stick to are professionalism and commitment. I work in an institution where I am surrounded by educated people and I must be professional when communicating with them, not only the professors or doctors but all DUT staff at large. I also resonate with commitment, because I am committed to my daily tasks and the tight deadlines we have in the Finance section.”

Q: What are your views on the new DUT tagline: Creative. Distinctive. Impactful?
A: “I find the new DUT tagline inspiring and bold. I work in an ever-changing environment, things are constantly changing so being creative with our thoughts is inspiring. Distinctive is indicating a special quality, feature, or identity. We are all worthy of something in the workplace. Impactful – just screams bold to me. I am continuously progressing and improving, not only as an individual but as a team too.”

Q: How are you planning to keep abreast with the ENVISION2030 Living Values Framework?
A: “Last year in our monthly meetings with my line manager, everyone had an opportunity to share their opinions on the DUT values and principles in line with the ENVISION2030. By practicing and living the ENVISION2030 Living Values Framework, we can conquer it. This should be embedded in us by now.”

Q: What is the one thing that most people do not know about you?
A: “I hated being the youngest child in the family but now it is way too late to change that.”

Q: In your opinion, how will the ENVISION2030 Living Values Framework benefit DUT?
A: “The progress DUT has made thus far is a work in progress. The Living Values Framework is not a once-off thing. We must live by it as staff members. It is also very impressive that DUT has strengthened its brand market through the ENVISION2030.”

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: “Relax at the beach, soak up in the sun and just be in touch with nature.”

Q: How do you plan to make a positive impact at DUT?
A: “By adopting the ENVISION2030 and by working as a positive team member in my unit. With respecting each other and those around us, we can go very far and that should serve as a strong foundation for the empire we are busy building at DUT.”

Q: What is your daily motivation?
A: “Learning new things daily. We are never too old to learn.”

Q: What are your future goals at DUT?
A: “To become a Finance Officer in my unit, to constantly help, improve and make a difference to the DUT Financial Statements.”

Q: If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
A: “To write off all my debt.”

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