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DUT Lecturer Recognises Informal Spaces In His Exhibition.

DUT Lecturer Recognises Informal Spaces In His Exhibition.

As day two of the 2017 Digifest kicked off, Durban University of Technology’s Fine Arts lecturer, visual artist and traditional healer Bongumenzi Ngubane, explored the use of informal communal spaces through digital arts.

Although Ngubane first encountered challenges in approaching the DigiFest four theme, “Glitch”, he believes that thus far as a visual artist, he has had an amazing journey.

“At first I didn’t know how to approach or accommodate this theme as life is now digital, so as a visual artist, I am now coming to terms and learning more on digital arts and how to merge my work with it and how to actually give meaning to ‘glitch’ in a digital way,” said Ngobese.

 Ngobese’s exhibition aims to give a voice to the informal communal spaces which exists in the current century. He explores and questions the negligence of unheard voices, particularly in the informal settlements. Through his exhibition, he looked at economic and racial segregations that have contributed in creating these spaces.

 “I am basically exploring spaces that are not recognised as spaces. In townships and rural areas, they have become politically, economically and socially silent. The aim of my work is to build a platform where society recognises those unheard voices,” said Ngobese.

Ngobese exhibited his work through video and sculptural installation. 


Pictured: Bongumenzi Ngobese with his work during the exhibition.


Nomfundo Ngcobo

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